Sunday, November 21, 2010

Old Man Winter Has Arrived

Vancouver is known for its beauty, rain, healthy lifestyle and warm people. Compared to all other Canadian cities, our own provides a well balanced temperature control, usually this comes at the loss of a regulated water density- resulting often in too many consecutive rainy days.   It rains and it pours, but when it's summer it's glorious- never too hot, and when it's winter it is cold- but not freezing like Toronto or Ottawa.
This year however, Old Man Winter has come early and come angry.  I was out the whole day in -5 degree weather with my feet submerged in one foot of fresh snow.  The last time I felt this cold was December 2007 on a trip to the big Apple with my Mum.  It was so freezing then that we had to duck into a Starbucks between each store to warm up on our Christmas shopping mission.   I vowed to my Mom then, who was pressing hot chocolate on me as if it was the sun itself, that I would never live in a place so cold that it felt like the air wanted to wear my skin. But here I am, in mid-November immersed in a cold so chilly that I want to invent a way to wear my Bed as a wardrobe.  I suppose if the season has arrived and there is no chance of immigration to Hawaii, I better invest in ear muffs, fur, hot snaps and wellington boots.   Despite all the cold however, the snow really does make Vancouver sparkle.  I will use it as inspiration for more photographs.

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